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Finalist: Tom Bass Prize 2018

Juniper Hall, Paddington, Sydney

Friday 2nd March – Saturday 24 March 2018
Opening: Thursday 1st March at 6.00 pm  
Man with sore finger 2017, stoneware, glaze, overglaze     

Sassy Park.Man with sore finger.2017.2


Finalist: Still – National Still Life Award 2017

Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery until the 20th January 2018

Homeopathics for Vince 2017
                                         Homeopathics for Vince 2017, porcelain, 16.5 x 16.5 cm

‘Homeopathics For Vince’, is a still life painted on porcelain clay. The scene is a corner of the kitchen table where a glass of tinctured water, covered with a saucer and spoon, sits waiting to treat Vince, the ginger cat, for his sore nose. His dose is a teaspoon mix of water at dinner time. I’ve found homeopathics works well with animals, probably due to their lack of emotional layers. It worked with the chickens, so fingers crossed for Vince.

Working with clay offers a rich diversity on which to paint and here there is also an affinity between ceramics and the domestic which echoes the subject matter. 

Sassy Park


Man with sore finger 2017, stoneware, glaze, overglaze          Julia 2017 porcelain, underglaze, lustre
statue on upside down cup
Domestic Statue 2017, porcelain, terracotta
Sleeping girl on plinth 2017, terracotta
SleepingGirl_006 copy
FundManageronCup_031 copy
 Funds Manager with Plinths 2017, terracotta and stoneware
Group Exhibition: TEXT
Adelaide Perry Gallery
Friday 13 October – Tuesday 24 October 2017
Opening: Thursday 12 October at 7.00 pm  
constant sorrow front_3422
Constant Sorrow 2017, ceramic
               Bully Cup (Pokale) 2015, hand built stoneware with glaze 
 Claypool 2016 Exhibition opens -7 December 2016                                                                                                                img_5369
Magpie Vase 2016, stoneware
men-cleaning-sweeping-plateMan sweeping 2016, underglaze on stoneware, from the Men Cleaning series
Kanazawa Garden 2016, slip cast porcelain and underglaze
img_5027Speech Therapy 2016, slip cast porcelain and underglaze pencil
sassypark-magpie-bowlMagpie plates 2016, stoneware
Japan – Shiro Oni exhibition
June 2016
Sassy Park, The Hero's Libation.frontside
The Hero’s Libations, stoneware, decanter at Gallery Klei’s Handmade Handpicked Wine Decanter competition held in conjunction with Handpicked Wines.
4 March 2016 – 18 March 2016
Finalist in the 2016 biennial North Queensland Ceramic Awards
S.Park Growing up in Cyclone season 2016                               
Growing up in Cyclone Season 2016, slip cast porcelain, underglaze, oxide and mixed media, 25 x 8 x 8 cm each bottle
Artisans in the Garden
9th – 18th October 2015        Lion Gate Lodge, Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney
IMG_0143 (1)
Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 10.06.28 am
Milk bottle and tea cup, porcelain with stoneware saucer, 2015
June 2015
Chinaclay- 40 Burnie St, Clovelly 2031 NSW
IMPROMPTU II: 17 – 21 June – Sculpture and other non functional objects.
with Tara Burke, Nick Lee, Agatha Pupaher, Natalie Rosin, Lotte Schwerdtfeger, Catherine Tate, Linda Visser
Opening drinks on Thursday 18 June 6-8pm.
bird & koel
February 2015
tree bottles KS__8882
bottle bud vases, porcelain with painted underglaze
Ephemeral Jewellery
January 2015
Volcano Garden at Published Art
December 2014
Cultivate, 4-14th October, Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney
lichen necklace__4921
Mt Perisher Long necklace 2014, lichen, glass, silk,118 cm long
Seaweed brooch 2014     dried seaweed, pearls and clasp, 7 x 5 cm
blue water glass_8329
Blue Water Glass necklace 2014, stoneware, seedbeads, hollandite quartz and silk
Watermelon necklace 2014, stoneware, seedbeads, coral, amber and silk
Compassionate Voices auction, Voiceless 2014bowle!
Yoga bowl adjYoga Bowl 2014, painted slip-cast porcelain
Menopause memorial ware tea towels dkgMenopause Memorial tea towels are available as a limited edition.
invite.sassy menopause ware 2
10 – 18th May 2014  Menopause Memorial Ware and Other Souvenirs                              China Clay Gallery, 40 Burnie Street, Clovelly
ephemeral necklaces_5087
Snow Gum Necklaces, Lichen Necklace and Lichen Feather comb,  2013-14
Hot Flush tea cup and saucer, Stoneware and underglaze, 2014
purple and gold drip pots_2870
Drip cups and bowls 2013, porcelain and gold lustre
botanical tiara
Botanical tiara, porcelain and silver, 2013
pink drips on sink
Pink Drips on the sink, porcelain slip, 2013 19th – 27th October 2013
Artisans in the Garden – Lion Gate Lodge, Mrs Macquaries Road, The Royal Botanical Garden, Sydney
lotya on lotya
Lotya enjoying her necklace, silver & peridot on silk, commissioned 2012
dachshund brooch
                            Dachshund brooch, porcelain, commissioned 2013      
musk lifesaver dark
Musk Life saver necklace, porcelain on silver chain
Drippy, porcelain, 2013
drippy gelato 300dpi_3581
Drip cups, porcelain and gold, 2013
Commissioned necklaces, porcelain with underglaze and glaze
Life Saver necklace in musk or peppermint, porcelain unglazed with glazed back on sterling silver chain
Cigarette hairclips and brooches, porcelain with underglaze, lustre
Rings, porcelain, underglaze and glaze
Bluebottle Fly necklaces 2011, porcelain, underglaze and glaze on sterling silver chain
Exhibition – The end of life as I know it 5th August 2011 – An exhibition of new work created in the last three months as part of the studio residency, including A4 watercolours. For one night only at the Trophy Room.
Exhibition – The Curio, sterling by gaffa 16th- 28th June 2010
© Karl Schwerdtfeger 
© Sassy Park
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