Sassy Park is a graduate from the National Art School in Sydney with a Masters degree in ceramics. Previous degrees and awards include Bachelor of Visual Arts from Sydney College of the Arts in painting, N.S.W. Travelling scholarship, N.E. Pethebridge Ceramic Award and the Mansfield Ceramics Art and Perception Magazine Award. This year she is a finalist in the Tom Bass Prize for Figurative Sculpture and will be undertaking the Onslow Storrier studio residency at La Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, France.

Ceramics is a medium especially suited to memorialising the intimacies of the ordinary everyday. Sassy Park's work plays with the accepted ideas of ceramics and art genres to express ideas of vulnerability and fragility. Her figures painted with slips and underglazes express an empathy that draws the viewer in, to look more closely and engage with the object. Using scale and humour, Park's figures reflect equally on questions of history and its representation as with the small moments of life.


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