Hydroxycholoquine Apothecary Jar 2021
16 x 11 x 11 cm   

detail, Apothecary Now!
exhibited Object Space, Australian Design Centre, 2021

A terracotta jar with maiolica painting in cobalt oxide and some mixed with manganese oxide and cobalt on glaze  shadow. Letters for Hydroxychloroquine are written in different font and sizes over the surface of the jar with an illustration of a business man in a large cowboy-like hat and holding an Aus Gov brochure, smoking a cigar which depicts a politician like Craig Kelly who spruiked ‘alternative’ cures during the Covid-19 pandemic. Smoke come from his cigar and wind from his bottom. The top lip of the jar is decorated with zig zag broken lines and dots.

© Sassy Park

photography © Karl Schwerdtfeger